Baoli: Diesel Forklifts LPG Forklifts Electric Forklifts Warehouse Trucks

Baoli are part of the KION Group, one of the largest manufacturers of fork lift trucks in the world famous for brands such as Linde, Still and OM. Baoli offer 1T to 10T electric, LPG and diesel forklift trucks. Baoli forklifts combine German engineering with Chinese production value. Performance, reliability and service at very competitive prices.

The Baoli KBE Electric Series

More environmentally friendly than internal combustion forklift trucks, an electric-powered forklift truck is not only quieter than its alternative, it doesn’t generate or release any harmful emissions into the air. These are particularly important aspects to be considered if the forklift truck is going to be primarily used indoors. In addition, electric-powered forklifts are more compact, easier to maneuver around small, tight spaces, and don’t require their drivers to use a clutch. An electric-powered forklift offers the lowest total cost of ownership when it is placed into the right application.

The Baoli KBE Series of 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklift trucks offer lift capacities of 1.5 to 3.5 ton and are available with AC electric motors.

The Baoli KBD Diesel Series

The Baoli KBD Series 1.5 to 10-ton forklift trucks with heavy duty diesel powered engines from Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Yanmar. The Baoli torque converter lift truck provides its users with consistently reliable performance and impressive productivity results — all while keeping the environment free from heavy exhaust and emissions. Find out more about how Baoli forklift trucks truly excel in heavy industrial environments under extreme conditions by contacting HQ Forklifts. 

The Baoli KBG LPG Series

The Baoli  KBG Series LPG  forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with lift capacities from 1.5 to 5.0 tons and lift heights of up to 7000mm. When you need the power and stamina of a diesel machine but work mainly indoors the Baoli LPG forklift is the ideal choice.