MultiOne: Articulated Mini Loaders Attachments

With 9 different models, 22 configurations and over 170 different attachments, MultiOne is the best Articulated Mini Loader in the market, made to suit every kind of task: from farming to landscaping, from property maintenance to DIY.

MultiOne Articulated Loaders

Discover the full MultiOne’s mini loaders range: from the small and versatile 3WD mini loader, ideal for all of your DIY tasks, to the impressive 78 hp 10 Series.

Every Multione 4WD mini loader is equipped with an articulated steering, this means that the front and rear halves of the loader are connected by a juncture, making the machine capable of moving in small working spaces, ensuring the four wheels driving in all conditions. Each Series from 5 onwards is equipped with telescopic boom.

Over 170 Attachments Available

With more than 170 original attachments, MultiOne can become a lawnmower or a fork lift, a compact tractor, a telescopic loader, a concrete mixer, or a personnel lift in seconds. A MultiOne can become almost any machine needed without losing its own unique characteristic: to be a powerful machine in a compact body.

There is a MultiOne Mini Loader for every Application

Thanks to the wide array of attachments and the luxury cab (with heater and a/c) MultiOne is an excellent solution for all year round maintenance. The compact dimensions and the articulated frame seat grant high manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and a 360° full visibility. The high speed provides increased mobility for large areas.
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One versatile machine and over 170 attachments to handle hay bales, feed animals, clean stables, prepare soil, take care of vineyards and orchards. MultiOne can easily tackle the typical tasks on the farm but is still compact enough for to be used in buildings where other machines cannot access. Thanks to the versatility, to the telescopic boom and the agility MultiOne can replace a conventional loader.
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One versatile machine and over 170 attachments to excavate and move dirt, move and place loose and bulky materials, handle hard and soft materials, dig, level, prepare soil and lay paver base. The new series offers the best in class lifting capacity and versatility. This machine can handle large dump bags, brick and block packs and pallets on site, no matter the terrain. Thanks to the articulated frame and to the DBS (Dynamic Block System) you can drive on lawns, paved areas and other sensitive surfaces without damaging them.
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One versatile machine and over 170 attachments to handle material, break, trench, mix cement, sweep debris. MultiOne is the best articulated multipurpose miniloader on construction sites. It has the top class transmission system and it reaches sites that other conventional material handlers can’t. The site mobility a MultiOne provides leads to large reductions in labour requirements and increased work rates. MultiOne saves time and money: it reduces the number of machines required on site, be they owned or hired by the Contractor.
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MultiOne from HQ Forklifts

Here at HQ Forklifts we supply and maintain the full range of MultiOne Mini Loaders. With such an extensive range of models and attachments there is sure to be a MultiOne to suit your application. What the video and see what the MultiOne can do for you then contact us for further details and guidance for the correct machine to suit your application.